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Air Motor Trolley

This type of trolley is powered by air and transports a suspended load horizontally. You can also combine this trolley with an Air Hoist for use as a crane. Air motors are safer than electric motors. You can safely install this type of trolley even in chemical plants or places where hazardous materials are handled.

Plain Trolley

When attached to a beam, this trolley enables smooth horizontal movement by hand.

Air hoist

Operated by compressed air, Air Hoist can be used for loading and unloading, and transport. The control push button is pressure sensitive. By changing how hard you press the button, you can adjust the operating speed continuously from low to high. You only need to connect the hose. No adjustment is required. Air Hoist is powered by air, reducing the risk of ignition and ensuring safety even when it is used in chemical plants or places where hazardous materials are handled.。


Automatic winding is performed by the spring tension and therefore does not require electricity or air. The shock absorber mitigates the impact that is caused when the lock is activated by a falling object. This type is ideal for various types of equipment and wall-mounted robots that are installed in factories as well as sports facilities. It features a robust and simple design and is easy to install. The ratchet mechanism utilizes centrifugal force to lock the wire rope when the speed exceeds the limit. You can release the lock by slackening the wire rope to pull it out again. Caution*:This product should not be used for the human body.


ENDO spring balancers have Zenmai (Mainspring) as power sources. The telescopic motion of Zenmai can give force to various things and it does not need other power resources such as electric or compressed air. It is very ecological power resource and very useful for Kaizen or Karakuri activities.

Spring balancer

Spring Balancer is a device to suspend machines and equipment. The tension is kept stable on even if the cable is pulled out or retrived because of the tapered drum. So spring balancers can hold the tools suspended in hollow and work for flexible positioning of the tools. Workers can enjoy comfortable operation with less fatigue.

Air balancer

Operated by compressed air and air cylinder, Air Balancer can be used for loading, unloading, and transport. In the models with the lift control module, the floating feature facilitates the attachment and removal of a suspended load. In the models with the balance control module, the balance feature enables transfer and installation of a suspended load by hand.


A Reel is a winding machine that automatically winds up and pulls out a power supply cable for a moving object or fluid hose following the motion of a moving object.Cable reels support various cables including low and high voltage cables, fiber optic cables, and combinations of these cables. Hose reels are suitable for a variety of fluids including air, water, and hydraulic oil. There are two categories of winding power: spring or motor types. Various types of motors are available, including torque, inverter control, servo, or hydraulic motors. You can select the best type based on the applications, winding lengths, types, and other requirements. Lightweight reels and small-size reels can be produced as special specifications.Manual pull-out type is also available for the hose reels.