UCF / Grinders


Sản phẩm Công dụng

Fuji FG-5H-2


Fuji FG-3HL-1


Chicago Pneumatic CP3451-18SEC

Industrial Grade Expansion Shaft Grinder

Chicago Pneumatic CP3249-GABSUD

Performance in heavy applications

Fuji FG-3H-1


Fuji FA-30-3 5-8

Compact & Powerful, for 4" wheel

Fuji FA-20-2 6

Compact, low profile, Robust

Chicago Pneumatic CP3119-123X

High Performance

Chicago Pneumatic CP3000-415F

Lightweight & ergonomic

Chicago Pneumactic CP3000-325F

Lightweight & ergonomic

Fuji Fuji FA-65-1

125mm angle grinder 1500w

Fuji FA-67-1

Compact and easy to use without any compromise

Fuji FG-25DX-2 6 E

Precision, 6mm collet

Fuji FG-13-2 3 N

Robust, 3mm, NPT Inlet

Fuji FG-13-1 3

Robust, 3mm collet, CE